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Costa Coffee Club

ATL bonus points execution.

Costa Coffee UAE Mobile App

Costa Coffee UAE launches mobile app in May 2013 on the iTunes. App Development: McCollins Media Account Manager: Wendy Griffith.

The Smart Coffee App

Find Your Perfect Cup with the Smart Coffee app! Available now in the iTunes store: Whether ...


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Square Lets You Pre-Order Coffee So It's Hot When You Arrive

Square really wants to be a part of your daily routine, so what better place to start than coffee? Mashable dot com says Square announced a new feature today ...

Great Coffee App for iPhone & iPad

More Coffee Apps: Great Coffee App for iOS covers some of the most popular espresso-based ...

Skip the coffee line with Expresso app

A team of Cal Poly students are developing an app which could help you skip the coffee line.

Quay Coffee app

In our neverending effort to review ALL apps, we present to you the Check the review - Quay Coffe app! Perfect app for ...

FAV.COFFEE Application by KEW.

Finding your coffee cafe badge on to your style.

Dutch Coffee Shop Windows 8 App Review - Everything You Need to Know

coffee shop app Visiting Amsterdam? Want to visit a coffee shop? The Dutch Coffee Shop Windows 8 app will tell you everything ...

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